3 thoughts on “How Sacramento turns at-risk kids into criminals

  1. Thank you. I am resharing this link on my site, mynameisjamie.net. This is a major issue for me, juveniles who end up incarcerated and then unable to have a life because they haven’t been able to acquire the life experiences they need.


  2. In the UK we have CAMHS children and adolescent mental health serviceswhich is govt run via NHS but it was largely useless and underfunded. If children were depressed there was a cause which an agency already existed to help with such as abuse, bereavement etc but nobody realised kids can suffer depression like adults with no identifiable cause. They were more likely to be seen as naughty than mentally ill and things are changing but i think this is the crux of the problem diagnosing badness rather than a valid condition which can be treated. We have a long way to go and until health and social care stop arguing between themselves about whose problem it is to secure funding for their own jobs tbings will not change.


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