5 thoughts on “Sick brains require treatment, Not punishment!

  1. Punishment is only likely to make things worse. Much of the problem with depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders is around the brain and body responding to stimuli in a way that makes sense on an evolutionary basis, in the context of the individual’s upbringing and development, but not really in the context of modern life, where the stresses we undergo need a different approach than a fight or flight response.
    What is needed is “Treatment” to help the brain relearn some of these responsese – often never learnt properly during our development because of social disadvantage, impaired parenting etc.
    “Sick” brains function in an abnormal way and respond to everyday stimuli in strange ways, often not under the control of the person involved.
    Rather than have so many of the people with problems locked up in prison we should be looking to intervene to help them much earlier.
    Of course primary prevention works best with adequate help to struggling families as early as possible, preferably prenatally.


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