The trouble in allowing a split between two theories on the causes of homelessness.

The trouble in allowing a split between two theories on the causes of homelessness. One theory is that individual’s personal problems cause them to be unable to keep housing, leading them to lives on the streets. The other theory is that societal, structural causes are at work. Homelessness appears to be caused mostly by structural forces, but is also influenced by individuals’ personal problems.

2 thoughts on “The trouble in allowing a split between two theories on the causes of homelessness.

  1. I would be lying if I said that seeing another set of “theories” regarding the cause of homelessness has raised by temperature a bit. I apologize in advance if my comment sounds terse.

    Theories are great to hide behind but most people over 50 know that there was no serious
    homelessness among the mentally ill in the United States until the election of Ronald Reagan.

    Homelessness is an extreme form of discrimination against people with mental illnesses.

    Care providers in the U.S. are as complicit in creating homelessness as the know nothing politicians who cut funding for services.

    You want to end homelessness?

    Get out of your offices and research labs and protest budget cuts.

    Stop hiding behind meaning less theories when all of us know that the two primary causes of homelessness among mentally ill people is stigma, greed and deceptive statistics designed to
    exonerate the mental health profession from it’s share of responsibility for thirty years of destroying the lives of innocent people.

    We won’t end homelessness until we stop lying to ourselves.


  2. I think societal, structural causes cause us not to develop into healthy persons and to create an inability to deal with personal issues. And there where we used to have all kinds of social security structures like family and church we now have ‘government’, ‘healt care’ and Facebook. That’s not going to do it for somebody who is falling down but we refuse to recognise that we as a society are ill and those who are damaged are bearing the cross.

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