The current mental health care has left so many mentally ill individuals homeless on the streets

The current mental health care has left so many mentally ill individuals homeless on the streets

4 thoughts on “The current mental health care has left so many mentally ill individuals homeless on the streets

  1. Thank you for the follow. Your follow has a particularly poignant meaning for me. My Mother suffered with mental illness throughout her adult life. I was born and raised in Sacramento, like my Mother, who was a client in the mental health system there. She passed away from cancer, years ago. While she was alive, I was her major caregiver in Sacramento, working with social workers, psychiatrists, inpatient and outpatient facilities, private and state. Her life left a lasting impact on mine. I now live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but hold the issues of suffering with mental illness in Sacramento and elsewhere close to my heart.


  2. Thank you for your follow! My desire is to make mental health knowledge available to those who struggle with mental health concerns, that patients may advocate for and understand their care. Patients and their support systems are their best advocates.
    Thank you for being a resource for patients and caregivers!



  3. I myself was homeless on two occasions. It wasn’t easy. The counsellors were themselves individuals who also were cast away by Society. They were attempting some sort of a come back. As for staff, they were individuals who had gone through the program. When new donations would arrive, they got the pick of the litter. Not quite the way to go, huh? But glad to see your posts. Keep it up. And thanks for your follow.

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  4. Living on the streets must be a terrible way to be in life but i have never been this person and i have no first rate experience on what it really is like. What i do know, as a therapist who has spoken to many acutely ill mental health patients while in hospital, is that many ‘homeless’ persons have no desire to have an address. They are content on the street. Difficult for those who live in our comfy cozy homes to comprehend but i have heard it from many. This opens my eyes to their perspective, their world, what it is they want. They don’t want to give up their ‘stuff’, that may look like 3 or 4 shopping carts full of their treasures. Who are we to want to house tbem, put clean clothes on them and so on. What they want is to be left alone. Food yes, God knows we all need to eat. Offering a hot meal or a blanket is much more appreciated. Give them the choice of housing agreed. Ultimately it is up to the homeless person who they will trust and where they will leave their stuff. We can only help those who want to be helped.


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