No one is immune from mental illness.

No one is immune from mental illness. Any person regardless of age, economic status, or race can develop a mental illness. Yet it is difficult for many of us to understand why mental health policy receives less support for government spending increases than does health care. We must recognize all the barriers that contribute to the stigmatization and discrimination of mental health.

10 thoughts on “No one is immune from mental illness.

  1. I do agree! I believe that everybody will agree with me in the following; every person on earth has a limit of what they can tolerate, both at a physiological basis, and at a mental basis. Therefore it is not fair to acknowledge only one of these phenomenon! In addition, we are complex beings. If our mental state is poorly, so will our physically state be. If our physically state is poorly, so will our mental be.
    Best wishes for the Christmas holidays to all of you!
    From Tussila

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  2. I also agree. My family has a history of mental illness and it is very interesting to me to see how society deals with it. I have noticed there are more drug rehabs then places for people with mental illness to go get help.


  3. I dont think governments care the more crazy we become the less we will notice what they are doing to us. Is there a coration between wealth amd mental health or is that difficult to unravel because so many with the means to might visit help secretly or anonymously.


  4. I know one of the reasons for the increase in crime is that governments all over the world are just pushing drugs on people with problems and releasing them on the streets. More money needs to be spent on long term facility care.


  5. I agree with you 100%. I myself suffer from GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). I agree that there is not enough awareness about mental health and not everyone seems to understand the effects it can have on people.


  6. I’ve had family members suffering from mental disorders. It’s amazing to me that so many people only take notice when a “star” commits suicide. I agree – people don’t understand the impact of these diseases and how it impacts most of us. Thanks for your help in this field.


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