Why Make Social Rejection a Consequence of Having a Mental Illness?

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Despite the public’s increased understanding that mental illness is linked to biological, psychological and social vulnerabilities, there is still a tendency for the public to make social rejection a consequence of having a mental illness.

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2 thoughts on “Why Make Social Rejection a Consequence of Having a Mental Illness?

  1. Perhaps people with so called mental illnesses are really just in tune to a more spiritual side. People who can hear voices of spiritual beings need to be kept down by society, otherwise they would use their advantage to change society.

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  2. I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I also have a slight hearing disability. I otherwise have high energy, and I’m very socially outgoing and friendly with anyone who converses with me. I’m Gay and into Tantric practices and celebrating otherwise taboo joys. I’m also into Pagan studies and mysticism besides mindful masturbation concepts. I like to smile and laugh. But I sometimes get stigmatized for being too open and positive. It can be hard. I just figure the ones who view me as a threat are only trying to protect themselves from something they fear out of simple misunderstanding of the unknown. I remain optimistic. 🙂


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