Why Make Social Rejection a Consequence of Having a Mental Illness?

Despite the public’s increased understanding that mental illness is linked to biological, psychological and social vulnerabilities, there is still a tendency for the public to make social rejection a consequence of having a mental illness.

4 thoughts on “Why Make Social Rejection a Consequence of Having a Mental Illness?

  1. In general people are very scared by mental illness – it is something you cannot touch, see, understand, the way you can a broken leg, also I think people sense that they may be more vulnerable than they would like to admit. Probably specially so in the US where you have a golden culture of youth, fitness, health and wealth – and the knowledge that holding on to all of that is tenuous at best, it can all be gone in the blink of an eye.
    I saw the same behaviour among young health care professionals dealing with dying patients – easiest to disassociate – makes it feel less real and less threatening.


  2. It is one thing to be frightened and quite another to sanction political brutality and excuse it as an act of fear. Whatever the public may think it is doing, in it’s silence it perpetuates crimes against humanity.

    Ignorance in the absence of information is an excuse.

    Anyone who has access to the internet has access to the largest collection of fact based information
    ever accumulated.

    There is no reason to remain ignorant of the people whose lives are destroyed by greed and willful ignorance.

    All one has to do is type a query into a search engine to discover a whole world of pain and suffering largely
    caused by the ignorance of other people.

    Start with this:

    What is Mental Illness….


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