“State rep sees need to fix mental health system”

Pennsylvania Mental Health Issues

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This July 26, 2014 Daily Times News article from Delaware County, PA, talks about legislation being proposed by state Rep. Margo Davidson that, at first glance, seems to be very similar to what Rep. Tim Murphy has proposed.  Like Murphy’s bill, Davidson’s bill includes things like assisted outpatient treatment and other services for the seriously mentally ill.

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Man of God: Tell the truth.

Mario Murillo Ministries

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Man of God: Tell the truth.

By Mario Murillo

Recently a man of God came to me in the same way that Nicodemus came to Jesus at night.  I am not Jesus and the subject matter was not about rebirth.  The similarity had to do with the fact that wanted to ask me something in private that he did not want to discuss publicly.

He asked me:  “Mario, there are many of us who know that you are right about Obama and what our government is doing to the nation and the church.  But we do not know how to speak out without losing members or my church our nonprofit status.”

So I asked how he felt about his silence.  “I feel sick” he said.  I asked, “How sick?”  He did not answer but the pain in his eyes showed that he was deeply conflicted. This is a good…

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Community Care Assessment – guide to Service Users


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An assessment is carried out by someone from or acting on behalf of the local authority social services department. More than one person could be involved in carrying out the assessment, including a social worker, a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist. The assessment procedure may involve filling in a form but this will vary from area to area.

The assessment should take into account:

  • your wishes as the person being assessed
  • whether you have any particular physical difficulties, for example, problems with walking or climbing stairs
  • whether you have any particular mental health or housing needs
  • what sources of help you have access to, such as carers, family or nearby friends, and their willingness to continue providing care
  • what needs these people who provide care may have.

Once an assessment has been carried out, the local authority social services department has to decide whether you are entitled to services to…

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