Magazine Sponsorship Opportunities

The Empowerment Magazine Team is inviting you or your agency to become a sponsor for the summer 2012 Issue. Being the only professionally produced mental health magazine in the Greater Sacramento Region, the amazing inspirational stories in Empowerment Magazine are not only giving hope to so many in our communities, but also help reduce the stigma attached to mental illness. The magazine is committed to achieving the goals and objectives of:

• Inspiring individuals with direct or indirect experience of mental health issues to get the best out of life.

• Challenging the prevailing stereotypes about mental illness and spreading information to help everyone understand that mental illness is just like any other illness.

• Providing a safe forum for people with mental illnesses to express their opinions on all areas of their wellness and recovery, something they normally do not get to do in a public way


• Being a positive and uplifting voice in mental community


Who Makes the Empowerment Magazine?

Empowerment Magazine is published online and in print every quarter by, a leading mental health directory for the Greater Sacramento Region. More information on Sacpros and what it does, visit

Mental Health in Congress

Members of Congress should be also more open about their experiences of mental health. This could have a highly significant impact on damages from negative stereotypes

Share your Experience

Are you supporting a friend or family member in managing or overcoming their mental health problems and would you like to share your experience in the Empowerment Magazine. e-mail