Sacramento County Children’s Mental Health

Sacramento County Children’s Mental Health

 Sacramento County Children’s Mental Health
Welcome to the Sacramento County Children’s Mental Health Homepage!E-MAIL THISALTERNATE FORMAT ASSISTANCEPRINT VERSION Our VisionThe vision for Sacramento County Child and Family Mental Health is a community where children and families are happy, healthy, and thriving. Our MissionSacramento County Child and Family Mental Health provides culturally competent family and youth driven services that promote optimum mental health outcomes for the individuals we serve. Guiding principles:All individuals have a basic human right to be treated with dignity and respect.A child and family’s requests and choices regarding services are the basis from which we proceed.Inclusion of the child and his/her family’s cultural norms and community support system in the individual treatment and system planning processes is critical to quality outcomes.Effective communication, including consideration of the linguistic needs of children and their families, and respect for the relationship between families and their service providers, is essential for successful outcomes.Treatment should always be delivered in the most appropriate least restrictive environment and level of careThe treatment process is strength based. We are Committed to Providing: Easy access to child and family centered, strength based mental health services.Quality services that are cost effective and achieve positive client, community, and system outcomes.Services in an environment that respects the child and family’s rights, culture, customs and confidentiality.A system designed to meet the culturally diverse needs of our community.Inte

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