Teen Service Directory

Teen Service Directory
Teen Service DirectoryTeen Service providers in the counties of El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento and Yolo.Hot Lines/Emergency NumbersAlcoholics Anonymous916-454-1100Narcotics Anonymous -American River Area916-732-2299Suicide Prevention 916-368-3111Auburn530-885-2300Lincoln916-645-8866Roseville916-773-3111Infoline Sacramento916-498-1000California Youth Crisis800-843-5200Provides counseling service, I & R for all areas of California for: medical, shelter, crisis centers, AIDS testing, transportation information.National Runaway Switchboard800-621-4000Crisis intervention, Counseling Message center for kids & adults (confidential)Rape Crisis Line (WEAVE)916-920-2952Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault (office)916-448-2321Red Cross 916-368-3131Emergency & Disaster only (no homeless assistance)800-548-2000Sacramento Mental Health Center916-875-1000Crisis Line916-732-3637Will evaluate anyone for voluntary psychiatric care. In-Patient Care Facility, and drop-inCounseling Centers/OrganizationsCatholic Social Services, 2110 Broadway, Sacramento916-733-0253Diogenes Youth & Family Services, Since 1969, 9719 Lincoln Village Dr., #203, Sacramento916-369-5447 ext. 203Family Study Center, 2716 X Street, Sacramento916-456-4412New Directions Counseling Associates, 7996 Winding Way, Suite 210, Fair Oaks916-966-4523Sacramento Life Center, 930 Alhambra Blvd., Sacramento916-266-4380Sacramento Mental Health and Crisis Services in Sac. Co.Sacramento Mental Health Treatment Center916-732-3637ACCESS TEAM916-875-1055Local hospital number:916-732-3637Sacramento Police Department (city)916-446-4327Sacramento Sheriff’s Department (county)916-874-5111Patients Rights Advocates for consumers916-737-7104Bi-Polar Support Group – Second/Fourth Wednesdays of the month916-363-8613An

Sacramento County – Mental Health Crisis Intervention

Sacramento County – Mental Health Crisis Intervention
Sacramento County has a full array of community mental health services available primarily during normal weekday business hours. For adults, four geographically based Regional Support Team (RST) clinics provide these outpatient services. The procedure to access emergency or crisis intervention RST services is found by calling that agency’s main number at any time. Additionally, the County Mental Health Treatment Center operates 24 hours, 365 days a year. The Treatment Center has a Crisis Clinic where families and individuals can “walk-in” for emergency intervention when a crisis cannot wait for a routine appointment elsewhere in the system of care. The Crisis Clinic also evaluates involuntary clients brought in by police, sheriffs, a crisis evaluation team or ambulance. The clinic’s evaluators determine the nature of the crisis and its acuity. The evaluator also determines the individual’s ability to return to the community to seek voluntary outpatient follow-up, the appropriateness of a Crisis Residential program placement, or the need for ongoing involuntary care. During weekends, holidays or after the hours of the community treatment sites, calls to the Crisis Center at 732-3637 will reach someone knowledgeable of local crisis intervention resources. Specialty ServicesAdditionally there are specialty services providing a limited degree of crisis intervention in the community. The MedClinic/Geriatric Network evaluates elderly individuals suffering from acute mental health problems. Two of the local private inpatient facilities also have crisis teams able to evaluate individuals in the community. MERTThe crisis clinic has a specialty evaluation team for children, called the Minor Emergency Response Team (MERT), which is located within the Treatment Center at 2150 Stockton Blvd. MERT Mental health assessment

Sacramento State – Psychological Counseling Services – Notable Websites

Sacramento State – Psychological Counseling Services – Notable Websites
Mental Health Sacramento Valley Psychological Association. The SVPA website contains useful information about mental health resources in the Sacramento valley as well as an index of local licensed psychologists and their specialty areas of treatment. This site also includes many useful articles for healthy psychological functioning. ULifelineAn online resource center for college student mental health and emotional well being. APA Help Center (American Psychological Association). Articles and information to help you balance your life, improve your mental health, and find the help you are looking for at home, in the family and at work. Return to the top of this page Care Giving Alzheimers Association information on drugs/treatment options, caregiver resources, fact sheets, support group infoDel Oro Caregiver Resource Center Part of a statewide system of regional resource centers serving families and caregivers of brain impaired adults (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s, and other degenerative diseases of the brain; stroke and other cerebrovascular accidents; traumatic brain injury and post infectious damage; brain tumors and permanent damage as a result of seizures, substance toxicity, and other such disorders.Return to the top of this page Health Centers for Disease Control Health recommendations by geographic location, food and water precautions, disease outbreak info. — a "must see" site for the travelerCyber Diet Online "interactive nutritional profile"Complementary and Alternative Medicine Home Page From acupuncture and Ayruvedic medicine to vision enhancement and yogaHarvard Medical School Family Health Guide A guide which answers basic questions about diagnostic medical tests: w

My Criticism of the Mental Health System in this Country – sacramento general – backpage.com

My Criticism of the Mental Health System in this Country – sacramento general – backpage.com
My Criticism of the Mental Health System in this Countryposted: October 2, 2008, 10:55 PMReply: click hereThe mental health industry dominated by psychiatric influences does not work because there are several fundamental defects in psychiatry itself. Psychiatry never has and never will deliver the results because 1. They shy away from teaching traditional values. They do not teach right from wrong probably because they do not know right from wrong. In fact, quoting co-founder of the World Federation of Mental Health, psychiatrist G. Brock Chisholm announced that the key aim of psychiatry is “reinterpretation and eventual eradication of right and wrong.” This tendency to stay away from right and wrong permeate every literature of psychiatry. 2. They shy away from teaching responsibility. The psychiatric system is geared to blame all things on chemical imbalances, genetics, and indefinite childhood experiences. If a person does something wrong, it’s because he has a mental disease; he is prescribed medications, not responsibility. This is another fundamental attitude of the psychiatric profession. And that is why when we take a failing student to a psychiatrist, he does not do better in school, and when we take a criminal to a psychiatrist, he is likely to commit another crime. Responsibility level was never increased by psychiatric treatment. 3. They are purely profit driven. They make $69 billion annually paid by insurance companies alone. They hire thousands upon thousands of lobbyists to seek governmen

Sacramento County – Mental Health Consumer Advocacy Program

Sacramento County – Mental Health Consumer Advocacy Program
Mental Health Consumer Advocacy ProgramPosted: July 24, 2002 E-MAIL THISPRINT VERSIONTEXT VERSION Consumer involvement in all aspects of community mental health services is a very high priority for Sacramento County. Not only are there several thousand consumers of mental health services locally, but there are many consumers involved in the system as volunteers and as paid staff of the many contracted service agencies. Recovering consumers can help to bridge the gap for individuals less stable and still very reluctant to become involved with “professional” intervention. In Sacramento County there are several adult consumer advocates who assist people with access to mental health services. These services include help with finding resources and community programs, government entitlements, discharge planning, self-help, family and other support groups.The Division of Mental Health has one Consumer Advocate-Liaison who oversees consumer affairs for adult clients in Sacramento County. That person assists people with one on one advocacy, peer support and self advocacy. That person is also responsible for recruiting consumers to sit on task forces, committees and governing bodies. The county advocate also provides trainings regarding consumer employment, group facilitation and the self-help/recovery model. There is also a county wide annual consumer conference and a networking group that meets twice a month. The advocate represents the Sacramento County consumer perspective at State and National forums where service delivery planning takes place and also serves as a Consumer representative on statewide reviews of other county mental health programs.To reach the Adult Consumer Advocate-Liaison, phone the main Mental Health Administration number at (916) 875-7070.Author: Staff%

Sacramento Self Help Housing – Housing Options

Sacramento Self Help Housing – Housing Options
On this page you can search for various types of housing. Each search allows you to see all of the listed properties or you can limit the search for housing that suits your needs. To start the search, click on a housing option name or a housing option button located to the left in the Housing Options section. Rental Housing Search – You can search for lower-end rental housing based on several requirements to suit your needs. Board and Care – Board & Care’s are similar to rooming houses except they are geared toward people who can longer care for themselves and therefore offer a more supportive living environment Campgrounds – Emergency Shelters – Get detailed information about emergency shelters including location, phone number, cost (if any#, and services. Friendship Housing – Our Friendship Housing program offers inexpensive rentals to 100 otherwise homeless individuals. If you are interested in the program please contact us at #916) 448-1074. Mobile Home Parks – Here you will find a growing list of mobile home parks in the Sacramento area. Note that some of the parks only offer spaces while others offer actual homes. Motels – Search for motels throughout the Sacramento area. Property Management Companies – View a list of property management companies located throughout the Sacramento area. Recovery Programs – Room and Board – Search for room and board locations, which are similar to rooming houses except they typically offer meals and are more expensive. Rooming Houses – You can find information on rooming houses, which are inexpensive shared living arrangements where the tenants share a house and typically a room. Shared Rentals – SRO Hotels – Here you will find detailed information on a number of Single Room Occupancy Hot

Sacramento County – Employment Services for Mental Health Consumers

Sacramento County – Employment Services for Mental Health Consumers
Employment Services for Mental Health ConsumersPosted: July 24, 2002 E-MAIL THISALTERNATE FORMAT ASSISTANCEPRINT VERSION Sacramento County contracts with Crossroads Employment Services to help people with mental illness get and keep jobs. Crossroads meets with mental health consumers and explains California State Department of Rehabilitation requirements for receiving rehabilitation services. Crossroads works individually with clients to help them with the Department of Rehabilitation paperwork requirements including: Release of Information forms, application forms, employment history forms, health questionnaires and additional documents. In addition to information, referral and linkage services, Crossroads provides both on-site and off-site coaching to help clients refine their work skills and keep their job. If the client wishes, Crossroads will also coordinates with their family members and with the client’s employer. Clients can also attend weekly support groups to facilitate problem resolution, enhance peer interaction and promote self-help. For excellence in service Crossroads Employment Services was selected by the President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities as one of 24 programs throughout the country that exemplifies best employment practices for people with psychiatric disabilities. Crossroads Employment Services also received the "Excellence in Provision of Services Award" from the California Governor’s Committee for Employment of the Disabled, the first such award ever given by the Committee. Author: Hu Crossroads WebsiteAdditional information is available at the Crossroads Website Sacramento County is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing cost